September 2017

Country music is forever entertaining

Foot tapping or a rowdy stomping you won’t have an excuse to sit still.  Country music is music that is compelling.   It tells the stories of our time, of the land or life experiences, through laughter, tears or a simple acknowledgement with a smile.  It is music that connects the heart and head and for whatever reason, in Australia is hard to access through radio. 
Listen to the test broadcast
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(in test mode and not always available – my apologies.)
There is a change in the air and soon you will be able to listen to and share your love of country music when Radio Southern Skies commences broadcast through an internet radio service.
Please bookmark this page and follow our progress as we move towards this goal.

August 2017

Radio Southern Skies

This is the future home of Radio Southern Skies, a new media service that will provide an internet based radio service broadcasting a mix of country music from around the world and news and interviews from Gippsland.
Where is Gippsland, it sits on the south east edge of continental Australia, checking the beaches for washed up New Zealanders and Tasmanians.
It is a great place to live and a diverse community of people.  We have many industries including education, agriculture, mining, aeroplane manufacture and service and tourism and plenty more.  Visitors often comment that the area is green, well that maybe in comparison to other parts of Australia but we do usually enjoy a pleasant climate that ranges from warmer and drier in East Gippsland to more moist in the west and south and a cool climate in the elevated mountainous area.
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And when does the radio service begin.  We are only in the early stage yet so please be patient, it will be here soon enough.


From Gippsland with News and the best of Country Music