The Best Christmas Gifts You Just Can’t Buy

A most special Christmas gift that can’t be bought


It is Chrissy time, and all over the place people are buying Christmas presents.  Shopping centres are full of people and on sale is all sorts of stuff that glitters, flashes and makes noises.  If it has some factor that can out gun everything else it is bound to be a winner – sales wise.

Over the past year, I have indulged in YouTube and I have visited some amazing things.

So here is a list of Chrissy presents that you just can’t buy. They can only be experienced. They are so special that the only way you can give them to someone special is by sending them the Youtube experience.

It could be on a street near you. Lurking between the parked cars and unnoticed by the postie with sharp eyes for dogs, lies a prehistoric dinosaur, or a UBER driver or maybe a mum taking the bub to the park.

Youtube: T-Rex in suburubia

I grew up with the Thunderbirds and loved them. Kids born sometime later grew up with a different action show, that of fighting robots and transforming machines.

I readily admit I don’t understand the fascination with  fighting bots, but imagine the Christmas tree you would need to decorate to fit one of these under.

Youtube: Fighting Bots.

It’s now time to pick up the pieces from your broken heart.
Carefully piece them together because your hearts is about to fall apart again.

Youtube: Ricky and Doris.

Back to the music. Have you ever thought about building an Ipod. A device that can create music from a lot of stuff you programmed it with.

What about an Ipod type machine made of wood, not silicone.

Youtube: The music machine.

Our final gift comes from a master of craftsmanship.

An object of beauty, of thought, and craftsmanship. Its appreciation really comes to the fore when as an unskilled woodworker, you try and create something much simpler and then discover that even to create that item requires qualities of practice, diligence and time.

Youtube: Japanese tool box.


Many of the above YouTube creators have other interesting videos so check out what else they have to offer.

So what would you give for a Christmas gift under the category “you just can’t buy.”

Leave your thoughts down below and share with others.


Lead Photo: Gareth Harper

YouTube and the respective video creators.

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