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Our Objective

This website has two objectives.  One is to provide a radio service  that primarily broadcasts but not exclusively, country music.  Secondly to provide a perspective of the culture of Gippsland and its people through written, audio and video media.

To share our observations of the culture of Gippsland and provide an outlet where others can also share their experiences.

To promote ideas and experiences that will enhance the healthy social, environment and economic future of Gippsland.

Our Values

To present information in an honest manner.

To advocate for healthy communities and environment.


About Meine Tekema

Most of my life has been as a resident of Gippsland.  I grew up in a rural part of Gippsland.  As a child I spent my time working on the family farm and enjoying exploring nature in the local bush.

I have watched the changes in agriculture from being a variety of disciplines to todays highly focused industry; the boom of the power and coal industry and its current slow decline; the changes in culture as new people from the city, refugees from far off places and locals displaced economically shape the culture of Gippsland.

I have enjoyed the natural landscape that we mold and that shapes us.  Our gigantic ash forests that envelop you as if in a cathedral, the tamed landscape of farmland and creative beautiful gardens.  The geological landscapes of beaches, rivers, rainforests and broad plains.

This website is an expression of all these aspects and more.

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Email:  radiosouthernskies@gmail.com

Phone: 03 9005 6747