The Best Christmas Gifts You Just Can’t Buy

A most special Christmas gift that can’t be bought


It is Chrissy time, and all over the place people are buying Christmas presents.  Shopping centres are full of people and on sale is all sorts of stuff that glitters, flashes and makes noises.  If it has some factor that can out gun everything else it is bound to be a winner – sales wise.

Over the past year, I have indulged in YouTube and I have visited some amazing things.

So here is a list of Chrissy presents that you just can’t buy. They can only be experienced. They are so special that the only way you can give them to someone special is by sending them the Youtube experience.

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Norway says the first goodbye for FM Radio

Changing of radio technology from AM, FM to DAB



On December 13 all FM radio services will cease in Norway.  A service that up until now had served the country providing it with music, news, represented communities, and cultures are now provided on the DAB radio system.  Now the FM radio receivers at homes, in phones and in cars will fall silent, redundant.

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In Praise of Wildness

A slice of wildness

I’m a gardener at heart and it’s a joy to see a garden dressed to the nines with lawns perfectly manicured to create a velvet green carpet.  Shrubs elegantly trimmed to a natural shape or confined to formal shapes of balls, domes or whatever creative whim takes the fancy of the gardener.  Flowers gaudier, bigger, brighter and of more exquisite hues that are a testament to the human trait of bragging for attention.  Strikingly for many gardeners, they have developed an ingrained attention that focuses on weeds – a plant in the wrong place or context – and rigorous time and attention is spent dealing with the unwelcome intruders. Continue reading “In Praise of Wildness”

Jett Williams to perform live in Morwell


Jett Williams  will deliver an American country music experience when she performs at Morwell.  Jett is the daughter of the legendary Hank Williams.

Williams is a singer- song writer in her own right but also still performs songs of her father, Hank with her own style.

Williams will be performing with the Drifting Cowboys at the Morwell Club, Helen Street Morwell on Sunday 22, October at 1pm, bookings essential.


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Testing, or as a pop band called it , Boom, Crash, Opera

Over the past few weeks following the initial announcement   a couple of weeks ago that I had decided to have a go at operating a radio broadcasting outfit, I have been testing the music playout operations with the computer.

While I am comfortable using computers for most common operations, getting software to do what I think it could do is another matter.  These are tools we use everyday but when your knowledge gap amounts to the space of being born before the widespread adoption of computer technology, I am stuck with being a consumer of tech instead of being the knowledgable manipulator that I would prefer to be. Continue reading “Testing, or as a pop band called it , Boom, Crash, Opera”